Choose Fresh Flowers to Adorn Your Wedding Cake

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Choose Fresh Flowers to Adorn Your Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is such a big part of your big day! Towering tiers of sugary goodness will be well anticipated by both you and your guests, as no one can resist a scrumptious slice of cake. Such a delicious cake certainly deserves to showcase a beautiful appearance. Don’t you agree?

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However, throughout the years, we have seen an array of plastic bride and groom figurines topping wedding cakes. Don’t you think it’s time to step out of the box and choose a unique appearance for yours?

Here at Villa Russo, we believe that every wedding cake deserves to represent a stunning appearance! That’s why we have gathered some ways in which you can adorn yours with fresh flowers. Would you like to learn what these ways are? If so, continue reading for some great inspiration:

  • Tier to Tier. Flowers are gorgeous! You can showcase a beautiful trail of blooms among your wedding cake by having them start and the top tier and make their way down to the bottom tier. Whether you choose to have them spiral, or go in a straight line, you can guarantee it will add such a fresh appeal to your cake.
  • Around the Base. Placing blooms around the base of each tier will have your cake flaunting some pizzazz. You can choose different flowers for each tier, or colors, to add some diversity. In addition, different sizes and shapes can be presented, to add even more flair.
  • Among the Top. Topping your wedding cake with abundant flowers is a wonderful way to add some natural beauty to your big day. If you would like to showcase a powerful set of blooms, consider hydrangeas. However, for a more delicate appearance, flowers such as calla lilies could be utilized.

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With flowers, you have the opportunity to jazz up your wedding cake beautifully. These are just a few options to inspire you. If you are ready to book your wedding venue in Queens, New York, please contact us here at Villa Russo. We look forward to the opportunity to host your big day within our Queens wedding venue.

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