Top Wedding Details that You Won’t Want to Overlook


Top Wedding Details that You Won’t Want to Overlook

Many details will comprise your wedding! From the linens that top your tables, to your delicious wedding cake. Seeing as there are so many elements to plan to create your big day, you will certainly want to ensure that none are forgotten!

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Are you aware of the top wedding details that are often overlooked?

We believe that every wedding should be planned to perfection! That’s why, here at Villa Russo, as a Richmond Hill wedding venue, we have comprised some of the top wedding details that often overlooked. If you would like to discover what these details are, be sure to continue reading, to gain some great insight:

  • The Rings. Surprisingly, the wedding rings are one of the details that are often forgotten on the big day! Couples are rushing home to grab these tiny, but important, details before their ceremony. So, ensure that your rings are secure and ready to go for your wedding day by having them at your venue, or giving them to your Best Man or officiant to hold on to.
  • Marriage License. In addition to the wedding rings, the marriage license is also an often overlooked wedding detail! Without your marriage license present at your ceremony, you can’t legally get married. So, it’s best to give your marriage license to your officiant before your big day, as they will ensure that it is present for your nuptials!
  • Guest Book. You will want to be certain that you remember everyone who will be attending your wedding. Therefore, you will want to present a guest book for your guests to sign. This way, you can always remember who joined you for your celebration.

No detail should be missed when planning your wedding! These are just a few wedding details that you will want to ensure that you don’t overlook.

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If you are prepared to book a wedding venue in Queens, New York to host your own nuptials within, please get in touch with us here at Villa Russo! We are always thrilled with the opportunity to host such festive celebrations, and would be honored to host yours as well.


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