Tips to Assist You with Giving a Great Wedding Speech

wedding speech

Tips to Assist You with Giving a Great Wedding Speech

Being trusted to give a wedding speech at your loved one’s big day is a huge deal! The happy couple has chosen you to be one of the few to offer kind and encouraging words as they begin their marriage. Being trusted with such a task is such a wonderful thing.

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How excited are you to share a speech on your loved one’s big day?

With a speech being so important, you should be fully prepared! That’s why, here at Villa Russo, we want you to enjoy giving a speech and have a few tips to share to prepare you for yours. To discover some great advice, be sure to continue reading:

  • Just the Right Length. A long speech may give you more time to share what’s in your heart. But, a short speech allows you to keep it sweet and simple. So, how long should your speech be? If you go over five minutes, it’s too long! A couple minutes in length is ideal.
  • Grab Their Attention from The Start. Grabbing the audience’s attention is a must! It allows you to keep their focus on you and gives you the opportunity to intrigue them. Kick off your speech with a wonderful opening line, such as a fun memory that you have with the couple.
  • Don’t Rely on Memory Alone. Not that your memory is unreliable, but relying on memory alone is not advised when giving a speech. Write down your speech to avoid drawing a blank on stage. After all, you wouldn’t want to forget any loving words!
  • Rehearse Your Speech. What better way to ready yourself to deliver a speech to a room full of people than to practice it as much as possible? Take the time to read your speech out loud, and even use a mirror if it helps, so that you can exude confidence as you deliver yours.

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Now that you have these tips under your belt, you can deliver a flawless wedding speech! Here at Villa Russo, as a wedding venue in Queens, we have a stunning venue to host your special day. Contact us today to take a tour of our lovely Richmond Hill, New York wedding venue.

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