How to Create a Basic Wedding Reception Timeline

Bridal couple on the grotto stairs

How to Create a Basic Wedding Reception Timeline

You will want your wedding reception to flow smoothly! While, the timeline for your wedding ceremony is actually fairly simple; walk down the aisle, recite your vows, be pronounced newlyweds, and make your grand exit. However, your wedding reception is an entirely different story.

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So many events that will take place during your wedding reception! Therefore, you will want to create a timeline to ensure that the remainder of your big day flows with ease.

We believe that your wedding day should be a stress-free celebration! That’s why, here at Villa Russo, we have put together a few tips on how to create a basic wedding reception timeline. Be sure to continue reading to discover how to organize your big day:

  • The Receiving Line. After your wedding ceremony, it’s time to line up for the future wedding festivities. This line can form at your ceremony site, or your reception site, based upon your designated travel time.
  • Time for Cocktails. Cocktail hour is a great way to keep your guests occupied while you capture wedding photos after your ceremony. This calm but festive event should last an hour (hence the name).
  • Newlywed Dance. You and your partner will kick off the dancing at your wedding! Right after you are announced as newlyweds, hit the dance floor for your first dance. Your first dance should last approximately two to three minutes.
  • Time to Dine. Chicken, Salmon, steak; your wedding guests will certainly enjoy the cuisine that you will present. Dinner should be served after the firsts dance, as your guests will need to be fueled up for the remainder of your celebration.
  • Loving Words. Looking forward to the kind words that your loved ones will offer is a big part of hosting a wedding. Toasts and speeches usually take place after your guests have been seated and the first course has been served.
  • Let Them Eat Cake. If your stunning cuisine wasn’t enough to entice your guests, your wedding cake will certainly get the job done! Cut into your big day sweet treat during the last hour of your reception.

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Every wedding reception should flow smoothly! These are just a few tips to ensure that yours does. Here at Villa Russo, we can assist you with hosting a stunning wedding within our Queens, New York wedding venue. Please contact us today to book your wedding venue in Richmond Hill.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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