Things Your Wedding Guests Want At Your Big Day


Things Your Wedding Guests Want At Your Big Day

Your wedding day will be all about you! You will be able to plan every detail to fit your lifestyle with your partner, and your similar interests and tastes. However, it’s important to remember that you are hosting an event, and your guests should also be considered when planning the details.

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But, do you know what your guests really want to see at your wedding?

Here at Villa Russo, we know that your guests are a key part in celebrating your nuptials! That’s why we wanted to share things that your wedding guests will want at your own wedding. Be sure to continue reading to best discover how you can appease your wedding guests.

  • Good Eats. When you go to an event that will be offering a meal, don’t you want delectable food? Well, your guests do too! Offering your guests delicious food is a way to win their hearts. But, it’s more than just offering tasty food. Your food should also be prepared right. Ensure to taste your menu before the big day, to guarantee that it is scrumptious, while also beautifully plated.
  • Drink, Drink, Drink! Your wedding is a chance to celebrate your commitment to your partner, and your guests are joining you for that celebration. Alcohol is a great way to warm up everyone’s celebrating spirit. An open bar will ensure that your guests are enjoying themselves to the fullest.
  • Being Comfortable. Your guests want to be comfortable, not stressed! Arranging airport pickups and other transportation, temperature control, as well any form of good hospitality for your out-of-town guests will ensure that they are all comfortable and ready to attend your big day.
  • Let Them Be Entertained. Your entertainment will allow your celebration to thrive! Be sure to choose a quality wedding entertainer, from DJs to quartets. In addition, don’t shy away from unique entertainment, such as caricature artists or even magicians.
  • Tasty Desserts. Who doesn’t love sugary treats? Offer your guests a sweet treat by featuring a candy bar or dessert bar, to sweeten your day even more. In addition, provide bags so that your guests can take home some treats, which poses as the perfect wedding favor.

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Providing these things will ensure that happiness of your guests! After all, isn’t it important to see everyone happy on such a joyous day? Here at Villa Russo, as a wedding venue in Queens, New York, we are happy to help you make your big day special, for both you and your guests. Contact us today to book your Richmond Hill wedding venue.

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