Wedding Favors to Present Among Your Tablescapes

wedding favors

Wedding Favors to Present Among Your Tablescapes

Wedding favors are the perfect way to thank your guests for attending your big day. Seeing as your guests will have traveled from near and far to celebrate your nuptials with you, it’s only ideal that you show them your appreciation for their attendance.

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While you may have chosen the perfect wedding favors, you will certainly want to ensure that you present them creatively.

We believe that every guest should be in awe of the wedding favors that you provide! That’s why, here at Villa Russo, we have gathered some unique ways in which you can present yours among your tables. To discover what these ways are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Potted Succulents. Potted plants are the perfect favor that allows your love to continue to grow even after the big day. Succulents are a lovely choice, as they showcase an intricate appeal while also being easy to maintain. You can present your mini potted succulents at the top of each plate at each seat, to add a fresh appeal to your tablescapes.
  • Personalized Fans. Choosing to present personalized fans as a wedding favors is ideal, as they will certainly add some flair to your big day. Create yours out of wicker for an elegant appeal. You can even adorn them with your names and wedding date, monogram, or lovely messages. Present yours fanned out among each plate, posing as a beautiful addition to your table settings.
  • Cheese Boards. You can’t go wrong when it comes to cheese boards! Present a board at each table, filled with a variety of cheeses, fruits, and wines, as a way to really please the taste buds of all of your guests. In addition, provide bags that will allow your guests to take some home with them.

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Wedding favors will be a great addition to your big day! These are just a few options to inspire your choice, as well as how you can present them among your tables. If you are ready to book your Queens wedding venue, please contact us here at Villa Russo. We would be honored to be your wedding venue Richmond Hill, New York.

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