Amazing Ways to Make Your Grand Exit at Your Wedding


Amazing Ways to Make Your Grand Exit at Your Wedding

Your wedding will be quite the celebration! You will vow your love to your partner, celebrate with all of your closest friends and family members, and then make your grand exit as newlyweds.

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Seeing as your big day will be comprised of a delicious meal, festive favors, and wonderful entertainment. So, it’s only understandable that you would want the festivities to continue up until you jet off to your honeymoon.

Here at Villa Russo, we understand that entertainment is incredibly important when it comes to a wedding! That’s why we have gathered some amazing ways in which you can make your grand exit at your own wedding. If you are ready to discover some great inspiration, be sure to continue reading:

  • Illuminating Sparklers. Have you chosen to have an evening wedding? If so, sparklers are the perfect way to illuminate your exit! Let each of your guests light one and stand on either side, creating a path for you and your partner to make your way through. Not only do sparklers pose as a fun activity for your guests, but they will certainly create stunning photos.
  • An Aromatic Toss. If you aren’t a fan of the traditional rice tossing for wedding exits, know that you have other options. Have your guests toss herbs among you for a lovely way to jet off to your honeymoon. Lavender is a great option, as it not only looks beautiful, but will present a pleasant aroma as well.
  • Lovely Lanterns. You can light up the sky by choosing to present floating lanterns for your exit. Ask each of your guests to light a lantern and make a wish as they send it up into the sky. This is a great way to promote well-wishes to you as a newlywed couple and will certainly present both beauty and entertainment.

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Your exit as newlyweds deserves to be amazing! These are just a few ideas that you can choose to present at your own wedding. If you are all set to book your wedding venue in Richmond Hill, New York, please get in touch with us here at Villa Russo. We would be honored to be your wedding venue in Queens.

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