2018 Beautiful Wedding Dress Trends for Your Big Day

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2018 Beautiful Wedding Dress Trends for Your Big Day

As the bride, you will want to stay up to date on some of the most popular wedding dress trends! After all, you will want to create the perfect image for your walk down the aisle. In order to create just the right look for your big day, you will need to discover the perfect wedding dress.

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Lucky for you, there are quite a few wedding dress trends that can inspire your own dress choice.

Here at Villa Russo, we are thrilled to see brides walk down the aisle with all the confidence in the world. That’s why we have put together some beautiful wedding dress trends to inspire your choice. Be sure to continue reading to fuel your inspiration:

  • The Crop Top Gown. Bridal gowns don’t have to be a solid one piece. In fact, two-piece wedding gowns are quite popular. If you are looking for an unconventional bridal look, or feel as though you are a more daring bride, a crop top gown is the way to go. In addition, gowns of this style can evoke a boho-chic appeal, for those brides who feel as though they are one with nature.
  • The Feathered Gown. If you enjoy a glamorous bridal style, you should certainly consider a gown that presents feathers. Feathers are making a stylish comeback this year, and you can showcase your unique revival of this trend on your big day. Feathers also showcase a look of the Great Gatsby era, for those brides who appreciate a classic and timeless style.
  • The Gown and the Cape. A cape for your wedding gown can be a one of a kind look for you. Capes have the ability to evoke a dramatic and edgy appearance. So, forgo the veil and opt for a creative cape. You can choose your cake to represent elegance in white with lovely details, such as lace embroidery. Or, you can be a bit more powerful and choose a color, such as making it your “something blue”.

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These wedding dress trends can inspire your own unique bridal look! After all, you deserve to feel confident in your gown as your make your grand debut down the aisle. Here at Villa Russo, as a wedding venue in Queens, New York, we can assist you in planning the perfect wedding day. Contact us today to book your Richmond Hill wedding venue.


Photo Source: https://pixabay.com/ – txr555

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