Ways to Incorporate Glitter into Your Wedding Decor

Sweet Sixteen glittery display

Ways to Incorporate Glitter into Your Wedding Decor

Your wedding decor is a big part of your big day! The sparkle, the shimmer, the shine; glitter is an intriguing element. Don’t you agree? If you are among the many who absolutely adore this stunning element, you may want to include it into your wedding day.

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If you are in need of a little inspiration to decide how glitter will make the perfect addition to your big day, you’re in luck!

We adore glitter, and know that many brides to-be do as well. That’s why, here at Villa Russo, we have put together a few creative ways to incorporate glitter into your own big day. Keep reading to spark your creativity:

  • Light as A Feather. Are you a fan of feathers? They symbolize the ability to fly free. If this matches your personality, you may have considered incorporating them into your big day. If so, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase some glitter. Gold tipped feathers are elegant, and all you will need are the right feathers, a little glue, and some gold glitter. They will showcase both elegance and creativity.
  • Edible Glitter. With the many treats you will be showcasing on your big day, you actually have plenty of opportunities to showcase a little sparkle among your sweets. You can top cookies, cupcakes, candy, and even your wedding cake, with edible glitter, creating a sparkling display.
  • Bridal Manicure. It’s important to indulge yourself before your big day. Manicures, pedicures, and maybe even a spa day can be just what you need to take the edge off. You can choose glitter for your manicure and even your pedicure, for a sparkling addition to your bridal beauty.

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You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy glitter. It can certainly make an elegant addition to your big day! Here at Villa Russo, as a wedding venue in Queens, New York, we can assist you with creating a magical setting for your nuptials. Contact us today to begin planning your big day at our Queens wedding venue.

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