Wedding Day Shoes

Wedding Day Shoes

Imagine it’s your wedding day.  You’ve awakened with the sun and are waiting patiently for your beauty and prep team to reach your home or hotel room. Over the next few hours your bridesmaids, hairdresser, makeup artist, and photographer arrive. Excitement is in the air and rising with each passing moment. Your best girls are showering you with praises as your hairdresser creates the prefect hairdo for your wedding. The makeup artist applies the setting spray and it’s time to put on that beautiful one of a kind dress.

Just before leaving the house, there’s one last thing to do:  put on your shoes.  The second those gorgeous, not to mention expensive heels touch your feet, you experience a quick sense of dread. You wonder how you’ll walk down the aisle safely and dance all night wearing these painful beauties. Does beauty mean pain?  Should you suffer silently in heels, miss dancing all night long just for a beautiful pair of shoes?


Enter bedazzled sneakers! Times they are a changin’ ladies! The days of impressing others are over. You no longer have to worry about tripping down the aisle or walking around with swollen feet on your honeymoon due to towering high heels. You now get to customize your venue, dress, invitations… and wedding sneakers! Etsy is flourishing with stunning Converse, Nike, Adidas (and other name brand sneakers) customized to match your dress and personality.

Brides are even extending the courtesy of sneaker-wearing to their bridesmaids and offering guests the choice to wear sneakers. Of course in a world taken over by red bottom shoes, some people are up in arms with this new tradition, not to mention companies who thrive off of elegant wedding heels.


Here at the Villa Russo, we don’t judge.  For 60 years we’ve embraced new traditions and have savored new trends.  So if you’d rather have your wedding day in a pair of comfortable, bedazzled sneakers, go ahead and rock them!

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