Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Color Scheme


Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Color Scheme

What is it that you feel will contribute the most when you create your wedding setting? From entertainment to your designated style, there is a lot that will create your wedding to be your own. However, one of the most important details will actually be your color scheme. This will determine many details of your wedding.

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Have you started choosing your wedding colors yet?

Here at Villa Russo, we know that every couple deserves their perfect wedding! That’s why we have put together the top tips for choosing your wedding color scheme. Read on to learn more about how you can present the best color combination for your wedding festivities:

  • Let the Season Inspire Your Palette. Whether you are ready for it or not, the season will have an effect on your wedding day. From temperatures to your local flora, the season will be setting part of your wedding scene. Why not use the season to inspire your wedding color palette? Choose colors that are well-known for accompanying certain seasons, such as vibrant and warm colors for spring and summer, and deep and rich colors for fall and winter.
  • Draw Inspiration from Your Setting. What does your venue offer? What about your surrounding local area? Use these details to inspire your color choices. Take a look at the prominent colors of your setting and consider what hues would best accompany or accent them. For example, if you are near a beach, or hosting a beach-themed wedding, consider utilizing blues, tans, creams, and whites.
  • Getting the Mood Right. You likely have an idea of how you want to feel on your special day, and how you want your guests to feel. You can control your wedding mood with the use of colors. Think of the hues that will create your desired mood for your big day. If you are wanting to set a romantic tone, consider the use of pinks and reds. Or, for a more festive style, bright colors, such as pinks and yellows, would be ideal.

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Every wedding should showcase great colors! If you are still creating your color scheme, these tips are sure to make your task much easier! Here at Villa Russo, as a wedding venue in Richmond Hill, New York, we have the perfect venue for you to display your wedding color scheme. Contact us today to take a tour of our wedding venue in Queens.

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