Top 3 Unique Wedding Ceremony Traditions for Your Big Day

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Top 3 Unique Wedding Ceremony Traditions for Your Big Day

Creating a memorable ceremony to tie the knot with your partner is a great way to make your wedding day truly magical. Traditions play a big part in making your ceremony everything you hoped it would be. They combine your beliefs and passions in one. What traditions have you planned for your ceremony?

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If you are at a loss for traditions to incorporate into your big day, look no further!

We enjoy the unique traditions that couples incorporate into their wedding ceremony! That’s why, here at Villa Russo, we have put together the top three unique wedding ceremony traditions that can make a lovely addition to your own big day. To discover what they are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Sand. When you and your partner tie the knot, you will be uniting two families. You can symbolize the joining of you and your partner, your families, and your life with a “Blending of the Sand” ceremony. You can choose a beautiful glass container and your favorite colored sands, which in the end will create a lovely keepsake that you can display within your home.
  • Marbles. Do you love colors? With a “Unity Marble Bowl”, you can honor the unity of you and your partner with a collection of gorgeous colored marbles. This will also get your loved ones involved. Each person will drop a different colored marble into your bowl and it will create a vibrant mosaic of hues.
  • Water. You can bring your passion for the water to your wedding ceremony with a “Blending of Water” ceremony. Think of your favorite water location, whether it be a lake, swimming hole, or the ocean. Bring this water to your ceremony and blend it with your partner’s collection of water within a lovely container.

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Traditions will be a wonderful addition to your wedding ceremony! These are just a few of the many options available to you. Here at Villa Russo, as a wedding venue in Queens, New York, we have a remarkable wedding venue that can host your ceremony and celebration. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our wedding venue in Richmond Hill.

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