Trendy Wedding Centerpieces to Utilize for Your Big Day

Villa Russo decorations and lighting in pink

Trendy Wedding Centerpieces to Utilize for Your Big Day

Your wedding centerpieces will be the highlight of your tables! Therefore, you will want to create them to present a powerful appearance. With the right décor, your wedding will certainly stand out from the rest, and impress your guests.

Questions and Answers About Your Wedding Invitations

What vision do you have for your wedding centerpieces?

We understand the importance of stunning wedding décor! That’s why, here at Villa Russo, we have gathered some inspiration for the creation of your own wedding centerpiece. To discover some great ideas, be sure to continue reading:

  • Greenery. While most wedding centerpieces are presented as blooms within vases, know that you can highlight a more natural and unique appeal for your tables. For your centerpieces, consider presenting a string of greenery down your tables. From small to large leaves and light to dark greens, you have an array of options when choosing yours.
  • Lanterns. You can add even more romance and warmth to your décor with the use of lanterns. Choose lovely lanterns and fill them with candles to add an intimate glow to your tables.
  • Boxes of Blooms. If you appreciate the look of traditional flowers for your wedding centerpieces, know that you can place yours within vessels other than vases. You can showcase a rustic and natural appeal by highlighting your flowers within wooden boxes or crates.

Wedding Bouquet Alternatives for Your Bridesmaids

Your wedding tables deserve to shine! These are just a few ideas for the creation of your wedding centerpieces. To book your wedding venue in Queens, New York, please contact us here at Villa Russo. We are all set to be your Richmond Hill wedding venue.

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