Villa Russo is Offering Curbside Pickup & No-Contact Delivery!

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Villa Russo is Offering Curbside Pickup & No-Contact Delivery!

We are so pleased to announce that Villa Russo is now offering curbside pickup & no-contact delivery, as your safety is our top priority!

We will be open daily from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM, and will be strictly practicing social distancing and PPC protocols, as recommended by the CDC.

While we were once an iconic restaurant destination, we are excited to be able to continue serving the public our high-quality Italian cuisine and unique family recipes. Cooking at home is super fun, but having our award-winning chef cook for you is even better!

So, if you are all set to order your own one of a kind cuisine, here are some tips to assist you with doing so:

  • Ordering Times. Please place your order 24 hours prior to your pick-up or delivery time.
  • Delivery Charges. The delivery charge is $0 if you live within one mile, and $10 for any location beyond one mile. For orders beyond five miles, the minimum order must be $250.
  • Protocols. Sanitary and social distance protocols will be strictly adhered to with no-contact, hands-off, and doorstep delivery.
  • Payments. Cards are only accepted for payment, no cash.

Is your mouth watering yet? If so, visit This Link to place your order, or visit our main Website and await the pop-up. You can also visit This Link to view our menu.

We are so pumped and ecstatic to serve you, and we thank you all for your support throughout these tough times!

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