The Top Wedding Color Combinations for Fall

The Top Wedding Color Combinations for Fall

The Top Wedding Color Combinations for Fall


Fall is such a beautiful time for a wedding. If you are planning a Fall wedding, now is the time for you to make the final decision about your wedding color combinations. After all, so many important decisions that you are yet to make will hinge upon your choice of wedding color combinations, so once you’ve chosen the perfect colors for your dream wedding, stick to that choice and that all other wedding details unfold around your chosen colors.


Here are our top tips for wedding color combinations that are sure to be in style for a Fall wedding, as well as unique ideas to make these colors work for you. Enjoy!


Lime and Tangerine

Orange is fantastic in and of itself, but tangerine just seems to shine as the most perfect shade of orange for a Fall wedding. With Fall comes images of Halloween and pumpkins, and incorporating tangerine in your wedding color scheme for your Fall wedding will undoubtedly work well, especially when partnered with lime.


If you decide to go with the lime and tangerine wedding color combination, consider how you can make use of pumpkins in your wedding. We recently heard of a fantastic idea where the flower girls carried pumpkins down the aisle instead of flowers – think how beautifully that would work for your wedding when you go with a tangerine color scheme.


Yellow and Cranberry



This color scheme is not for the faint of heart, but when done well it can create lasting impressions on your wedding guests and in your wedding photos. Your bridal bouquet will be of particular importance if you go with the yellow and cranberry wedding color combination, so shop around until you find someone who you are confident will be able to put together the perfect bouquet to capture this particular color scheme.


Marsala and Bronze


Marsala was Pantone is color of the year, and while it is a beautiful color on its own, it absolutely pops when teamed with bronze.


Navy Blue and Blush


Navy blue is so hot right now, and we predict that it will continue to trend right the way through to Fall and beyond. Navy blue has its perfect partner in blush, and we have a feeling that navy blue and blush will become a fall wedding staple.


Beige and Brown


Sure, the colors sound boring, but your wedding will be anything but boring if you decide to go with a beige and brown theme. This just something so beautifully earthy and natural about this particular color combination, and we are looking forward to seeing many Fall weddings centered around beige and brown.


A choice of beige and brown for your wedding color scheme will also allow you to capitalize on another popular Fall wedding trend: cowboy boots. It may sound garish at first blush, but somehow the combination of wedding gown and beige and brown cowboy boots just seems to work.

Our experienced wedding planners have been creating dream fall weddings for decades – check out our Weddings page for more details!

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