Sweet 16 Entertainment Inspiration

Sweet 16 entertainment

Sweet 16 Entertainment Inspiration

With your birthday being such a big event, you should have great Sweet 16 Entertainment! One step closer to becoming a woman, your little girl’s birthday is certainly one to be celebrated. With the right party, your daughter will not only be greatly appreciative, but also allow each guest to greatly enjoy her festive day as well.

With so much that goes into planning a Sweet 16, it’s no surprise that you will want it to turn out perfect. However, the right Sweet 16 entertainment is crucial for the success of your event.

Are you planning a Sweet 16? If so, Villa Russo has gathered some great entertainment ideas for yours. If you are curious as to how you can spice up the festivities within such a special day, be sure to continue reading to discover more:

  • Music. When it comes to a Sweet 16, it should be anything but silent! A silent room makes for a lackluster atmosphere. Consider hiring a DJ or a live band to add some fun to your party. Your guests will have a wonderful time dancing and enjoying the sound that your musicians will present.
  • Photo booth. Some guests may not be dancers, as that is ok! For those guests who would rather not spend their time on the dance floor, you can provide another source of entertainment, such as a photo booth. Filled with props, your photo booth can reflect whatever theme you have chosen for your Sweet 16. From hats to sunglasses and even masquerade masks, the options of props to choose from is truly endless. Not only will taking the photos be fun, but your guests will get a keepsake for your Sweet 16 to take home with them, a reel of photos.
  • Live entertainment. You can add a uniqueness to your Sweet 16 with live entertainment. Depending on your theme or personal interests, you have a variety of entertainers that you can choose from. Magicians are a great option that guests of all ages can certainly enjoy. Also, consider dancers, who can put on quite the show. In addition, if you dance, sing, or have another talent, you too can impress your guests by showcasing your own talent on your special day.

Planning the perfect Sweet 16 is a must! After all, it is such an important occasion. If you are ready to begin creating your wedding or event, please feel free to get in touch with Villa Russo today. Our Queens, New York venue is ready to create your event to be a success! In addition, we also offer scrumptious Queens catering, to ensure that your event is accompanied by the best meal.

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