3 Creative Style Combinations to Present for Your Wedding


3 Creative Style Combinations to Present for Your Wedding

Your wedding is a one of a kind event! There will be no wedding quite like yours, as every detail will be specifically chosen by you and your partner. With a creative touch, you can add a sense of uniqueness to your big day! But, you must first decide on the theme that you would like to present.

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Have you given much thought to the style that you would like to showcase for your wedding?

We believe that every wedding should be absolutely stunning! That’s why, here at Villa Russo, we have gathered three creative style combinations that you could choose for your wedding. Are you ready to become inspired? If so, you will certainly want to continue reading:

  • Bold with Tropical Gatsby. Vibrant colors and gold details can come together to create a powerful appearance for your big day! By pairing a Gatsby theme, which showcases gold details, such as among the vases for your centerpieces and your charger plates, can be paired with tropical blooms, which should be abundant and vibrant in color. Together, these themes will create a one of a kind appearance!
  • Sophisticated with Industrial Lush. Roses paired with geometric details will allow you to present some sophistication with industrial and lush looks. This combination is incredibly unique, as it will highlight architecture and beauty, which is certainly a lovely pairing that will impress your guests.
  • Romantic with Vintage Boho. A little bit of romance for your big day is a must! With lace details, such as for your wedding dress and table runners, you can showcase some love! Pair your vintage style with some boho flair, such as with wildflowers to comprise your centerpieces, along with a floral crown, and your will present such a warm and inviting appearance.

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Your wedding should showcase a creative style! These are just a few of the many combinations that you could choose for yours. Are you ready to book your wedding venue in Queens, New York? If so, please get in touch with us here at Villa Russo. We are all set to be your Richmond Hill wedding venue.

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