Steps to Planning a Christening for Your Child

planning a Christening

Steps to Planning a Christening for Your Child

If you are ready to begin planning a Christening for your child, there are actually a few steps that you should keep in mind to ensure that this process runs smoothly. From the right attire to the perfect location, there are many elements that will play a key role in the outcome of such a celebratory occasion.

Whether you are planning a Christening that reflects a more intimate gathering, or a large and festive celebration, there are many tasks that should be completed for a successful occasion.

Are you ready to begin planning a Christening for your child? If so, you are in luck! Villa Russo has gathered the top steps to assist you in creating the perfect Christening for such a special little one. If you are interested in learning what these steps are, be sure to continue reading to discover more:

  • Choose the godparents. First off, you will want to select godparents for your child, as they will act as the spiritual guardians of your little. Once you have the godparents selected, and they have accepted with pleasure, you many now move on to the next stage of planning, and even ask them to assist, if you would like.
  • Budget a guest list. Next, you will need to determine how many guests will you have attending the Christening. Your guest list will assist you in determining what size venue you will need, and how much food should be served. It is important that you also develop a budget, so that you know how much money you have for each aspect of your planning.
  • Select your date and location. Without a date and location, you can’t have an event. Therefore, selecting these elements must come before other aspects of your planning. Here at Villa Russo, we are honored to host such wonderful Christening ceremonies’. And, we can assist you in developing the perfect menu for the occasion, as well as complement your budget.
  • Choose the attire. Your little one will be the star of the show on such a special day. Therefore, their attire should be chosen with care. Remember, babies grow quickly. So, don’t shop too soon for an outfit. Consider purchasing an ensemble a couple weeks prior. Typically, long garments, embellished with embroidery and trim, appropriate for either a boy or a girl, are chosen.
  • Decorate your space. From simple and chic to bold and extravagant, there are certainly no limitations when it comes to decorating for your child’s Christening. For an elegant appeal, consider candles, which will set a warm ambience, along with draped fabric and lighting, for a combination that will certainly impress your guests. Every space has the ability to showcase some pizzazz, with lovely linens, chair sashes, and centerpieces.

As you begin planning a Christening for your child, don’t become overwhelmed! These tips will assist you in planning yours with ease. If you are still seeking a Queens, New York venue for your wedding or special event, please feel free to take a look at what Villa Russo can offer you. In addition to a lovely space, we also offer Queens, New York catering. Please contact us today to begin planning your special event.


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