Servicing Governmental Agency Purchasers

Serving the City of New York since 1954

Begun in 1954 as a small, family owned pizzeria, the Villa Russo through its expansion into event catering has continued to prepare meals for patrons from communities throughout the City of New York for over 65 years. Second generation owned and operated, it has gained a reputation for delivering exceptional food and service to its diverse clientele.

Our Experience

The Villa Russo started as a small pizzeria establishment. The Russo Family then expanded into the full-service restaurant business, and since 1977 has specialized in the preparation of fresh meals served to large groups of patrons in event settings. A typical week would see the production and service of thousands of fresh meals from its modern industrial kitchens prepared by its experienced catering staff.


The Villa Russo’s current business model provides meals and service to a diverse clientele for large social and family gatherings. These events are typically held on weekends, leaving the weekdays free for our staff and facility to handle the production and delivery of prepared meals for the needs of corporate entities and government agencies.


Operating out of two large, modern kitchens, comprising over 3,000 square feet with state-of-the-art food service equipment, our operation has the capacity to produce quality meals on a large scale.

Our management and staff have decades of food production and service experience and have been working together as a cohesive hospitality team for many years.

Community Connection

Our dedicated team of food service professionals takes the relationship with our surrounding neighborhoods very seriously. Grateful for the continuing support of our NYC community, we are committed to returning the trust and patronage they have shown to us over these many years. We proudly hire our entire staff from neighboring communities and strive to partner with local small businesses when we hire third party vendors and stock supplies.

M/WBE Staff & Partners

The vast majority of our staff of over 35 employees is women and minorities.
We have also partnered up with local M/WBE distributors and supplies in the service of our government related buyers.

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Our Food

Our food is prepared on-site using fresh, quality ingredients. Our experienced staff can produce those meals to be delivered in a variety of sizes and ethnic cuisines. And we certainly accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies when preparing individual meals delivered in large numbers.

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