Advice for Seating Your Guests at Your Queens Wedding


Advice for Seating Your Guests at Your Queens Wedding

What is one wedding planning task that you are dreading? If you are like many couples, it’s finding a seat for every single wedding guest. The movie culture isn’t shy about highlighting a bride’s stress and dread when planning their seating chart, and this anxiety can fall upon you too.

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But, planning your wedding seating chart isn’t really as bad as it sounds!

Here at Villa Russo, we are happy to see a wedding day flow smoothly! This can happen for you too, as we have a bit of advice for seating your wedding guests that is sure to help. Be sure to continue reading to discover more about your seating chart potential:

  • Stressing for Time. Your wedding seating chart is a huge task to take on. You need all the time possible to plan it. In fact, it may even continue to evolve until your wedding day draws near. Don’t wait to start your seating chart, as it should be created as soon as RSVP’s begin rolling in.
  • Let Them Catch Up. Your loved ones may not always get together and bringing them all to one place for such a special event can put everyone in a chatty mood. They are happy to catch up, so why not give them an opportunity to? Place those who will definitely want to catch up close together.
  • Taking Care of Your Parents. Could you think of everything that your parents have done for you? It is certainly a lot. Think of a special place for them, and don’t be afraid to keep them close to your newlywed table. However, if your parents are separated, be mindful of their placement.
  • You and Your Bridal Party. Traditionally, the couple is sat with their bridal party. However, if you are featuring your own sweetheart table, it would still be ideal to seat your bridal party members all together at one table.

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Now that you are armed with the knowledge of planning a seating chart, you can feel confident in your venture! Here at Villa Russo, as a wedding venue in Richmond Hill, New York, we have a stunning venue that is perfect for hosting your big day. Contact us today to tour our lovely Queens wedding venue.

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