Top Wedding Planning Details That Are Often Forgotten

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Top Wedding Planning Details That Are Often Forgotten

There is such a grand to-do list when it comes to wedding planning. Every single detail from your tables to your aisle runner must be planned to perfection. This is a huge task and it is all too easy to let wedding details fall to the side. This certainly wouldn’t be ideal for the couple planning their dream wedding.

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Are you aware of any details that might be missing out on the attention they deserve?

We understand that planning a wedding can stretch a couple thin! That’s why, here at Villa Russo, we have put together the top wedding planning details that are often forgotten. Keep reading to be sure that you haven’t forgotten anything for your own big day:

  • Your Bridal Gown. Even when you find “the one”, your wedding dress will need time to be created and will most likely still need alterations. Don’t forget to budget enough for alterations, as they will be an additional cost. In addition, wedding dress shopping should be conducted about nine months prior to your big day, so that you have enough time to ensure that it fits perfectly.
  • Count Yourself. Could you imagine not having anything to eat on your own wedding day? Be sure to count you and your partner when making the final tally for your catering, as most couples forget to include themselves.
  • Check the Postage. If you are sending out paper invitations, this will count into your wedding budget. Check with your local post office to determine the postage cost to send out all of your invitations. In addition, ensure that you have enough postage among them so that they aren’t returned to you.
  • Better to Be Prepared. They say it’s better to be prepared than to be sorry. Provide extra seating so that your guests can sit comfortably and don’t feel cramped in their seats.
  • It is important to not forget any out-of-town guests that you have attending your big day. It would be ideal to provide them with transportation, so that they can easily get to and from your wedding.

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Wedding planning can be quite overwhelming! Let’s hope that you haven’t let these details fall off your wedding radar. Here at Villa Russo, as a Queens wedding venue, we have the perfect setting for all of your wedding details to come together. Please feel free to get in touch with us today to book your Richmond Hill, New York wedding venue.

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