Top Tips to Assist You with Planning A Small Wedding

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Top Tips to Assist You with Planning A Small Wedding

Just the thought of planning a large wedding can be overwhelming. Numerous people to feed and entertain; it can certainly become quite stressful. Sometimes, the most beautiful moments should be shared by only your closest loved ones. Planning for a smaller wedding could be a truly intimate gathering for you and your close friends and family members.

How to Create a Basic Wedding Reception Timeline

If a small wedding is calling to your heart, you’re in luck! As planning one can be done with ease.

Here at Villa Russo, we believe that your wedding should be whatever size you please. That’s why we have put together the top tips for planning a small wedding. Feel free to continue reading to discover how you can have the best little intimate wedding:

  • Three Basics. There are three basic parts to any great celebration. Your guests will want to eat, drink, and be merry!
    • For smaller wedding, know that you can plan a more comprised meal, as you can offer more courses to create an intimate dinner.
    • For a merry time, you will want to offer great entertainment. However, be sure that your entertainment is fit for the size of your wedding. If you plan on having a small amount of people, and don’t expect much dancing, if any, to be taking place, a small quartet or band would probably be more appropriate than a DJ.
  • A Meaningful Experience. From personal vows to dedicating songs to your new spouse, there are many ways for you to make your wedding a personal experience for you and your partner. However, the experience can be meaningful for your guests too. Consider writing a personal note for each guest at your wedding and placing them at their assigned seat. This will help them feel involved and recognized and won’t take much time at all with such a small guest list.
  • Make the Most of It. Just because your wedding is small, doesn’t mean your celebration has to be. Dress up, decorate lavishly, and splurge on your favorite wedding details. With less people to entertain, it means you have more money to spend on your big day and those special guests.

Proper Wedding Etiquette for the Mother of the Groom

These tips can ensure that your wedding, although small, fulfills your biggest expectations. Here at Villa Russo, as a wedding venue in Queens, New York, we have the perfect venue for you to host your wedding, big or small. Contact us today to begin planning your big day within our Richmond Hill wedding venue.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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