Advice for Writing Your Wedding Maid of Honor Speech

Maid of Honor

Advice for Writing Your Wedding Maid of Honor Speech

If you are a Maid of Honor, you are quite lucky! You have been specially chosen by the bride to stand by her side on her big day, as she marries her soulmate.

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However, by taking on the title of “Maid of Honor”, there are some specific tasks that you will need to complete, such as giving a speech during the wedding reception.

Writing a speech doesn’t pose as an easy task for some! That’s why, here at Villa Russo, as a Queens wedding venue, we have gathered some tips to assist you with writing your own Maid of Honor speech. If you would like to discover what these tips are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Share a Fond Memory. You likely have many memories with the bride or the couple. So, share a fond one! Whether it be a fun story, or something more heartfelt, know that this is a wonderful way to add some personalization to your speech, and lighten the mood.
  • Express Your Emotions. Seeing as you and the bride have most likely been friends for many years, you have strong emotions for her. Share what you love about her. In addition, express what you love about the couple together, reasons you feel that their relationship is strong, and the well-wishes that you have for their future together.
  • The Details. Overall, your Maid of Honor speech should last no more than a couple minutes, as you won’t want the guests to lose interest in it, or have it drag on. In addition, avoid presenting any embarrassing or inappropriate stories, as you wouldn’t want to make the couple uncomfortable. Also, it’s best to practice at home before the big day, so that you are prepared for your delivery.

Your Maid of Honor speech should be wonderful! These are just a few tips to assist you with writing yours.

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