Ideas for Queens Wedding Venues

Ideas for Queens Wedding Venues

A gorgeous wedding that shows off your style requires a venue that matches the beauty and elegance of your wedding gown.  Here are a few creative ideas for a Queens wedding venue to consider:

Get Married at a Park in Queens

The most popular park in Queens for hosting ceremonies and receptions is the Passerelle Building at Flushing Meadows Corona Park. The fountains that are located throughout the park help to make it a stunning setting for outdoor weddings. Weddings taking place at this well-maintained park are surrounded by natural beauty and brilliant architecture.

While the outdoor beauty and natural setting may be attractive, there are some limitations when personalizing the space.  You’ll need a design team that is familiar with the rules of the park and who won’t damage the trees or the lush grass.  For example, banners, lights, and flowers cannot be hung from nearby trees.  Seating and tents cannot damage the park grounds or cause holes.

You will also need to apply for a special permit at least a month in advance from the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation to reserve the park. If you plan on having music, you’ll also need to get a sound permit from the NYPD.

These limitations, combined with the unstable elements such as wind, rain, and sleet are factors to consider when considering an outdoor wedding venue.

Have a Wedding in the Countryside

If you’re considering a more rustic style wedding in the Queens area, the Queens County Farm Museum is another venue option.  This tranquil space surrounded by historic farm buildings, livestock and an orchard provides brides and guests with a visit to the country without ever leaving the city.

There are a number of rental options available including a rustic barn with dance floor, outdoor pavilions, and tents which can be erected at no additional charge.  Reservations need to be made eight months or more in advance which is something to consider if you plan to be married shortly after your engagement.  Additionally, the maximum guest occupancy is 120 people so this wedding venue may not be the best option for brides looking for larger weddings.

Say “I Do” at a Landmark Location

If your dream wedding consists of classic and elegant elements, the Villa Russo is a 62-year-old Queens landmark.  Unlike other Queens wedding venues, the Villa Russo features Italian architecture, chandeliers, white glove service and five-star cuisine.  This rich ambiance serves as a perfect backdrop for beautiful wedding photos and lasting memories.

This spectacular indoor facility has been the venue of choice for hundreds of weddings over the last 41 years.  Included with every wedding package is exquisite three-tiered cake with your choice of filling. Place cards, valet parking, and directional cards are included at no additional cost.

Tips for Selecting a Queens Wedding Venue

  • Before booking a venue for your wedding be sure to explore customer feedback/reviews and photos of events which have been hosted at the venue. While you shouldn’t expect 100% satisfaction, be sure to consider factors such as the quality of service, attention to detail, any extra charges that may have been incurred, perception of the food, and even how well the location responded to challenges.
  • Ask if the venue has an onsite planning team. Having someone help with the coordination of activities, especially the day of your wedding, can be a tremendous help to you.  Additionally, planning coordinators have extensive experience in big events and can help you avoid additional costs, delays and are familiar with what permits may be necessary to host your wedding.  If the venue of choice doesn’t include a wedding planner, consider hiring one on your own.
  • If you plan on serving or selling alcoholic beverages be sure to coordinate with your venue provider. Some venues may require special permits while others are licensed to sell and serve alcohol.
  • Different wedding venues require different permits. Some will require additional permits to play music, provide catering services or personalize the décor to your personal style.  While a cheaper venue may seem like an affordable option, extra permits can be costly and time-consuming.
  • Be realistic about your budget. Selecting a wedding venue whether in Queens or surrounding areas is a big decision.  Knowing what you can afford early on will help you determine what venue is best for your budget.
  • Consider venues that offer all-inclusive options such as in-house catering. Bundled options which include venue rental, entertainment, beverages, permits, etc. can provide a luxurious experience without breaking your budget.

No matter what your venue selection may be for your wedding day, there are a variety of options in the Queens area.  Be sure to take plenty of photos and enjoy your special day!

If you would like to speak to a wedding venue specialist contact us.

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