Four Spook-tacular Halloween Wedding Venues

Four Spook-tacular Halloween Wedding Venues

photo of a fallen leaves in autumn forest for Halloween wedding venue

At the Villa Russo we love this time of the year!  Colorful leaves, cooler temperatures and a transition from the summer sun make autumn oh so much fun. With Halloween just a few weeks away, we thought we would provide a couple of inspiring Halloween wedding venues for brides who want a spooky (yet elegant) wedding location. Here are just a few to start your creative energy flowing:

  1. Berkeley Springs Castle

The Berkeley Springs Castle was built in 1885-1891 and is located on the side of a mountain overlooking the mineral springs of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. While it is, most certainly, a picturesque and elegant location that can hold weddings of all sizes, it also has a haunted past.

Within the medieval interior of the castle, residents have heard loud crashes upstairs along with footsteps, seen strange mirror images, and furniture has been rearranged. The castle is also said to have spirits – Colonel Samuel Taylor, his wife Rosa, Rosa’s former beau Jawbone, and a 7-year-old girl.

If you love this venue idea you’ll love the Villa Russo because of its beautiful stonework and chandeliers.

  1. Oakland Cemetery

If cemeteries get your heart pounding, Oakland Cemetery might be up your alley. This cemetery doesn’t just contain headstones; it is an 88 acre botanical preserve with sculptures and winding trails. Started in 1850 and located in a quiet, secluded part of Atlanta, Georgia, this location can accommodate outdoor weddings of any size.

As home to over 70,000 “residents,” there are bound to be a few ghosts – civil war soldiers and ghostly Annie – who you may have to add to your wedding list.

If you love this venue idea you’ll love the Villa Russo because of its many sculptures, balconies and Italian style architecture.

  1. The Queen Mary

Originally built in 1936 as a luxury liner at the beginning of World War II, the Queen Mary became the largest and fastest troopship to set sail. Permanently docked in Long Beach, California, the views from her deck are spectacular with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Long Beach skyline on the other. This location can accommodate outdoor weddings of about any size.

The boat is said to have many spirits who frequently visit such as a sailor who perished in the engine room, a lady in white and several children who died in the pool. This nautical location may be perfect for a wedding where water meets the afterlife.

If you love this venue idea you’ll love the Villa Russo because of its magnificent views of the New York City skyline.

  1. Stanley Hotel

Stephen King fans may find the Stanley Hotel a shining (pun intended) example of spooky folklore. Rumored to be the inspiration for King’s The Shining, this venue is as beautiful inside as it is outside. Located in the majestic Rocky Mountains of Estes Park, Colorado, this sprawling historic hotel has a view that is hard to beat. However, folklore speaks of visions of ghostly children, suitcases unpacking themselves and the infamous room 217 with all of its paranormal activity.

If you love this venue idea you’ll love the Villa Russo because of its landmark presence in Queens and stunning decor.

If you are experiencing the pull of your offbeat creativity toward the more ghostly side, Halloween is a spook-tacular choice for your wedding day. Combining unconventional, mysterious elements with the more expected conventional aspects of a wedding can set your special day apart.

To find out more about how the Villa Russo can provide an elegant Halloween wedding venue in the heart of Queens, contact our banquet managers at (718) 849-0990.

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