Five Top Wedding Catering Trends for 2016

Five Top Wedding Catering Trends for 2016

The food and drinks you choose to serve at your wedding reception have enormous power. Think about it! Hungry guests flock to the venue in anticipation of having a great experience overall – and that includes the menu. Plus, the cuisine is one element of your special day in which your guests get to partake. When choosing from reception halls or picking out the bride and groom’s attire, the focus is not necessarily on the guests. However, when considering different wedding caterers and the menus they offer, you get the opportunity to think about your guests’ preferences and needs.

Fortunately, many savvy wedding caterers are expanding their offerings to encompass a broader range of food and drink options. Read on to discover some of today’s hot catering trends for weddings.


Interactive Culinary Kiosks

With signature cocktails all the rage for the past several years, it should come as no surprise that catering halls are now allowing guests to customize their meals with interactive culinary kiosks. Guests can pick and choose from various dishes at each station to create their perfect combination. A chef is on hand at each kiosk to plate meals and suggest the best pairings.

Tasting Menus

This trend is best for couples who prefer an understated, formal reception to an event with a DJ and hours of dancing. This is because the tasting menu will be a highlight of the reception, with a majority of the time spent eating. Guests will get to savor anywhere from five to seven mini courses – and if your budget allows it, a different wine with each course.

Family Style Dining

Communal stations for appetizers and/or dinner allow the bride, groom and wedding party to mingle with guests while nibbling, allowing an enhanced social experience. It also relieves the newly married couple from the obligation to trek from table to table throughout the evening. And communal stations open up the possibilities for the variety of menu offerings provided by creative wedding caterers.

Local Ingredients

What better way to guarantee high quality and fresh taste than to source ingredients from local producers? The menu could include produce from local farms, wine from regional vineyards, artisan breads from a favorite city baker or traditional spices from a classic spice shop. The decision to go local gives your guests a taste – literally! – of the area they are visiting.

More Vegetables

Speaking of locally sourced ingredients, catering halls are now incorporating a substantial amount of seasonal, local vegetables into their menus and decreasing the protein packed dishes traditionally

served during wedding receptions. This allows them to use classic preservation methods because they do not need to import the vegetables. Chefs use vegetables to subtly enhance each dish, adding a healthy pop of flavor.

The aforementioned ideas are just a few of the wedding catering trends picking up speed in 2016. With all of the possibilities out there, you can select the type of menu and setup that will delight your guests’ taste buds.

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