Tips for Properly Planning Your Engagement Party

engagement party

Tips for Properly Planning Your Engagement Party

If you are recently engaged, you will certainly want to celebrate with an engagement party. You have most likely spent many years with your partner, encountered a handful of ups and downs, overcame obstacles, and enjoy each other’s company each and every day. Now, you have taken the leap, and plan to commit yourselves to one another forever, through marriage.

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With so much excitement to be expressed, you have the opportunity to celebrate with your friends and family with a wonderful engagement party. However, are you aware of how to pan yours?

Here at Villa Russo, we believe that every aspect of your love deserves to be celebrated! That’s why we have gathered some tips to assist you in properly planning your engagement party. Would you like to learn what these tips are? If so, continue reading for some wonderful insight:

  • Determine your details. First off, you will want to determine all of the little details which will create your engagement party. Who will be hosting, the date, time, location, and guest list, are all key for a successful start.
  • Register. Guests will want to provide you with wonderful gifts to congratulate you on your engagement. It is important to register, either online or in a store, so that you can include the gift registry information along with your invitations.
  • The meal. As with any party, food should be served. It is important that you develop a menu that you would find fitting for your guests. Also, keep in mind that some guests may be vegetarian or gluten-free, and should also have options to choose from. Most often, passed appetizers and drinks are served.
  • The décor. While you can of course have tablecloths, know that you can do so much more with your presentation! Consider floral arrangements and chair covers to add some pizzazz to your space. After all, this is a celebration, and it should be beautiful.

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Every engagement party deserves to be such a wonderful experience for the couple. These tips will assist you in ensuring that yours is planned to perfection. If you are still seeking a Queens, New York venue for your own celebration, please contact us here at Villa Russo. We look forward to being your Queens venue as well as offering you delicious catering.

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