Advice for Hosting an Eco-Friendly Wedding Celebration

eco-friendly wedding

Advice for Hosting an Eco-Friendly Wedding Celebration

Having you given an eco-friendly wedding much thought? Being eco-friendly is the best way to ensure that we maintain a healthy planet for ourselves and future generations. There are already too many elements that are creating harsh conditions for the Earth, and your wedding doesn’t have to be one of them.

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Hosting an eco-friendly wedding can help you do your part to save the Earth! But, are you aware of how to go about doing so?

We believe that doing all that we can to care for the Earth is of importance! That’s why, here at Villa Russo, we have put together some sound advice for hosting your own eco-friendly wedding. To gain some great insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • Start with Your Invites. Did you know that you can be eco-friendly before your wedding day even begins? With paperless invites, you can kick off your marriage on the right foot. Electronic invites or even a wedding website will give your guests all the information they need. And, with a wedding website, you can get your guests excited and involved in the festivities before the big day even arrives.
  • Simple & Healthy. Getting food should be a simple concept. Local farms grow it and then you buy it. But, most people tend to go through a grocery store after it has been through the hassle of being shipped and more. Discovering local farm-to-table foods will help you to reduce preservatives, contaminates, and packaging.
  • Choosing Bio-Degradable Options. When you think of all the many wedding elements that you will need, from napkins and plates to escort cards, you are looking at a lot of potential waste. Instead of the classic disposable options, consider turning to bio-degradable materials. For example, you can replace those paper plates with beautiful bamboo plates.

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These points of advice are sure to assist you in planning the perfect eco-friendly wedding! Here at Villa Russo, we are ready to assist you with planning your big day with our Queens wedding venue. Please contact us today to book your Richmond Hill, New York wedding venue.

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