Ease the Process of Making Your Wedding Guest List

Ease the Process of Making Your Wedding Guest List

wedding tableTo many engaged couples, creating the guest list for their wedding is one of the most overwhelming aspects of the planning process. Budget, capacity of venue, wedding location and the feelings of guests who did not make the list must all be taken into account. It is a delicate balance for sure.

But there is hope! With careful and thoughtful planning, you can create a guest list that satisfies the three aforementioned factors and keeps drama to a minimum.

Book Your Venue

Wedding ceremony and reception venues get booked many months in advance, so selecting your venue should be one of the very first steps. It will also help you determine the size of your guest list. Do you prefer a small simple wedding or a grand affair with hundreds of guests? Additionally, it will define how much of your budget remains for the other elements of your wedding – which will influence decisions about your guest list, as well.

Make Food and Drink Decisions

Some wedding ceremony and reception venues include food menus in their packages, while others require couples to use independent caterers. This difference can make a significant impact on your budget, one of the critical factors to consider when making your guest list. Additionally, there is also a wide variety of drink options from which to choose. Will you simply have an open bar and champagne for the toast? Will you have servers who offer a selection of wines to guests throughout the reception? The options are virtually endless and should be decided upon prior to finalizing your guest list.

Consult Family Members

Obviously, if family members are helping to pay for the wedding, you should give them somewhat of a say in the guest list. With that said, set boundaries and, if necessary, gently remind them that this is your day. Out of respect, you should also find out if your parents have anyone special who they would like to attend.

Categorize the List

Make a “master list” consisting of every potential guest. Next, categorize it into three different tiers: tier one is the people you must invite, tier two is the people you would like to attend and tier three is the people who you feel neutral about including. Focus on the first two tiers, balancing them against your venue and budget. If your budget allows, expand your consideration to tier three.

Set Rules

When it comes time to start cutting people from the list, set rules to help you make decisions. Examples can include how close your relationship is with people, length of time from when you last spoke with people, whether or not the couples on your list invited you to their wedding and the distance people live from your wedding location. Apply these rules strictly in order to reach your target number and finalize the list.

As you can see, making the guest list for your wedding can be accomplished with a minimal amount of drama and indecision. Some of those who were not invited may inevitably feel offended, but such is the nature of events. When you go about the process of creating your list in a thoughtful and logical manner, you have done your duty. And after all, this is your day to celebrate the start of your new life together!

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