Tips for Keeping Your Wedding Guests on The Dance Floor

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Tips for Keeping Your Wedding Guests on The Dance Floor

Imagine you and your spouse enjoying a quick snack before making your way to the dance floor. You look up and the dance floor is a ghost town. This can be crushing on your wedding day. Luckily, you have options to avoid such a celebratory disaster. Keeping your guests on the dance floor can maintain a festive spirit for your reception.

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Your reception is a time for celebration. This is your opportunity to honor your new commitment with your spouse and your loved ones. However, an empty dance floor should certainly be avoided!

Here at Villa Russo, we believe that a wedding reception deserves a packed dance floor and an energetic experience. That’s why we have put together a few tips for keeping your own wedding guests on the dance floor. Be sure to keep reading to discover how you can keep your dance floor packed:

  • Lead by Example. Your wedding guests are more inclined to rush to the dance floor when they see the happy newlyweds enjoying themselves as they dance the night away. If you lead by example, your guests are sure to follow. So, shake your hips and draw your loved ones to the floor with your moves.
  • Start Your Reception Off Right. Your setting is vital, from the moment your guests enter your reception. So, begin a festive celebration by ensuring that your reception ambiance gets your guests in the mood to dance. Dimmed lights and an open bar will allow your guests to let loose and will lead them to dance.
  • Various Music Genres. No guest wants to dance to the same style of music for hours. You can keep things interesting with by playing a variety of musical genres. Spice things up with upbeat music and don’t be afraid to slow things down with romantic songs. Variety will keep your guests interested and excited to dance.
  • Warm Them Up. Your wedding guests can be encouraged to dance, before they even hit the dance floor. Your cocktail hour is the perfect time to inject some energy into the crowd. Live performances are wonderful for getting your loved ones amped up to shake their hips at your reception.

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It can be difficult to keep your guests on the dance floor. But, with these tips, you are sure to have an easier time packing your dance floor and enjoying the festive spirit of your reception. Here at Villa Russo, as a wedding venue in Queens, New York, we have a stunning space to host your big day. Contact us today to plan your big day within our Richmond Hill wedding venue.

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