Top Apps to Assist You with Planning Your Wedding


Top Apps to Assist You with Planning Your Wedding

Your wedding will certainly be an exciting event to plan! You will get to embark on tasting cake, choosing flowers for floral arrangements, and booking festive entertainment.

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However, planning such an extravagant event can certainly become overwhelming. But, there are ways in which you can create your planning process to be even easier!

We believe that every couple should develop their big day with ease! That’s why, here at Villa Russo, as a Richmond Hill wedding venue, we have comprised some of the top apps that you can download to assist you with planning your own wedding. If you would like to discover what these apps are, be sure to continue reading:

  • WeddingHappy. Planning a wedding is a big task! You will make many purchases as well as have large to-do list that will need tended to. That’s why you will certainly want to download the app, WeddingHappy! By doing so, you can create an array of documents to assist you with creating your big day, from schedules to checklists. In addition, you can also input spending summaries and payments, along with tracking the interactions that you have with your vendors.
  • iWedPlanner. Staying organized when planning your wedding is certainly of importance! Therefore, you will want to download the app, iWedPlanner! This helpful app will allow you to keep track of and maintain all of your purchase, RSVP’s, and communications with your vendors. In addition, it will even assist you with developing your seating chart!
  • LadyMarry. By downloading the app, LadyMarry, you can create customized checklists and to-do lists, so that you can ensure that you won’t miss completing any wedding planning tasks! This is the ideal app to assist you with staying on track and organized, so that you can go about developing your wedding with ease.

Apps are a wonderful way for you to go about planning your big day with ease! These are just a few that you will want to download to assist you with creating your own wedding.

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If you are ready to continue on with planning the rest of your nuptials by booking a wedding venue in Queens, New York, please contact us here at Villa Russo! With years of experience bringing big days to life, we would be honored with the opportunity to do the same for yours.


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